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Education is one of our core values. Though none of us studied real estate or business in college, we all have spent hundreds of hours educating ourselves. We listen to podcasts. We read books. We participate in forums. We have mentors. And most importantly we meet up with like-minded investors of all experience levels as often as possible.


BlueSpruce hosts over 50 meetups every year in Denver. The Creative Real Estate Lunch Club is the most frequent, meeting every Thursday throughout the year. All of our meetups focus on pitch-free education. We never charge for attendance, and our presenters are all professionals with a deep investing background.

Creative RE Lunch Club of Denver

Coming up with the right marketing strategy and process can be hard but what if, just by using a better headline and a few creative strategies, you could significantly increase response rates and the number of deals with each marketing campaign? Stop using the typical “We Buy Houses” slogan and stand out!

Self Directed Investors (SDI) Network

Mission Statement – Self Directed Investors Network”To provide education, networking, and resources for both current and future Self-Directed Investors. This group will provide access to industry expe

Denver Apartment Network (D.A.N.)

Our Mission is to Educate, Integrate, and Inspire multifamily investors to go further than they ever thought possible.Join our bi-monthly meetings for1) networking with like minded individuals,2) deal

Creative RE Lunch Club of Castle Rock

We invite anyone open to networking with investors and learning more about creative financing strategies.

Colorado Broker’s Association (CBA)

CBA is here to offer exceptional networking and accredited (CE) education for all Realtors, Agents, and Brokers throughout Colorado.We meet twice a month, The first Wednesday is for free CE credits an

Creative RE Lunch Club of Boulder

Being a landlord can make you a target for lawsuits. Following the law and practical principles from marketing investment property, to signing leases, to inspections and evictions can be difficult and confusing. But following the rules can be the difference between loosing time and money in court or enjoying cash flow and good sleep.